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deadlift benefits

10 Incredible Deadlift benefits

The deadlift is one of the most popular exercises among all gym-goers. It’s not only popular, but it’s one of the best if not the best, and most incredible exercises anyone can do. They are big compound multi-joint lifts that simultaneously train pretty much your entire body and give you the most value for the effort you put in.

In my opinion, everyone trying to achieve their physical goals should incorporate them into their workout routine. Because deadlifts are one of the most useful exercises out there. They have literally dozens of good qualities and benefits. In this article, we bring you the top 10 deadlift benefits:

10 deadlift benefits infographic

1. They Are a Compound Full-Body Exercise

The deadlift is a full-body compound exercise that can be done using heavy and large loads. That means that the exercise trains many muscle groups on different levels at the same time. 

It’s a full-body exercise that targets and works almost every muscle in your whole body. The lift either directly or indirectly (statically) trains every part of your body. There aren’t many exercises that are capable of such feats or not at least on such level. 

The main focus is on the muscles in your posterior chain. The posterior chain muscles are all the muscles located on the backside of your body. It includes some of your biggest and strongest and your most important muscle groups that play a massive role in both your everyday life and in the gym.  

2. Deadlifting Will Improve your Posture

deadlift benefits

Nobody wants to be standing hunched over or have a bad posture any other way. Bad posture is usually the result of either weak core and stabilizer muscles or weak and properly undeveloped posterior chain muscles. 

If you already have posture issues, then don’t worry because there is a great exercise that will fix it, and you will be walking proudly with your chest up and back straight in no time. You have probably already guessed what exercise I mean- the deadlift. 

Deadlifting can and will improve your posture a lot and will help you straighten out your back. One of the best benefits of the deadlift is that it is a compound movement that effectively works and trains all the muscles in your posterior chain (all the muscles on your backside). Your posterior chain muscles are directly responsible for your posture, especially your erector spinae muscles. 

Also, it will strengthen all of your core muscles, including your stabilizer muscles, which will add much-needed core stability. 

3. They Are Great For Losing Weight

deadlift benefits

Deadlifts are truly great for everything, even for losing weight. First of all, weight lifting and resistance training are great for burning extra calories and fat. Weight lifting and resistance training should be part of every weight loss workout routine. 

The deadlift burns a lot of calories. Like many other compound exercises, they are very energy-demanding. A single set of 15 reps of your one-rep max can burn up to 60 calories. 

Secondly, deadlifts are full-body exercises that work almost every muscle in your body, from your neck to your calves. Thanks to that, they trigger the production of anabolic fat-burning and muscle-building hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone. They will help you burn off that much-hated excess fat and help you achieve a leaner body. In addition to the hormonal benefits, the lift also increases your metabolism. 

4. Incredible exercise for Building Muscle

deadlift benefits

One of the benefits of the deadlift is that it’s an epic exercise for building muscle. It’s an essential exercise for any, and I mean ANY muscle-building routine. But what makes it such an incredible lift for building muscle?

For starters, it’s an exercise that involves many different muscle groups and works all the muscles there simultaneously. It trains almost every muscle you have in your body by either targeting them directly by active movement or indirectly (statically and isometrically). That allows you to work much more muscles in a shorter period of time and to stimulate muscles that you wouldn’t be able to with other exercises. 

Also, the lift can be performed by using heavy weights and loads. It will help you trigger muscle hypertrophy and pack on a lot more size than with higher repetitions alone. 

Deadlifting also helps to increase the production of many muscle-building hormones, such as testosterone and the growth hormone. They are essential to building lean muscle mass.  

5. It increases Both Functional And Overall Strength

deadlift benefits

The deadlift is one of the best exercises to increase both your pulling and functional strength. It’s a complex multi-joint movement that incorporates your whole body into the lift that can be done by using massive weights. It will strengthen your entire body and build insane pulling strength. 

The deadlift is one of the few big lifts that actually build functional strength that you will use in your everyday life. It develops and strengthens those muscles groups you need to perform various daily tasks. Like your posterior chain and other pulling/ lifting muscles that we use when we pick anything up from the ground or when we carry something. 

Because of the strength gains, it will improve all of your other big lifts as well, such as squats, bench press, Olympic weightlifting, and many more.

6. There are many different deadlift variations To Choose From

deadlift benefits

Another good thing about the exercise is that there are dozens of different deadlift variations out there to choose the perfect fit for your own needs. 

There are modifications of the original exercise to suit any specific need. Some variations are more challenging than the conventional lift (for example, the deficit, Reeves, and the Bulgarian deadlift). Other variations are designed for specific purposes in mind, such as to target different muscle groups or to build functional strength.

It’s great because the conventional lift isn’t for everybody. Some people might have existing back injuries or other problems that will prevent them from doing the classical version. Luckily there are a few options out there for them as well. There are many modifications of the exercise that stress the lower back less than the original, such as the rack pull, heck bar, and the block deadlift.  

There are so many options out there that everyone can and will find the perfect variation for them that suits all their specific needs. 

7. Deadlifting Improves grip strength

deadlift benefits

Weak grip strength can affect many different lifts and exercises. Now luckily deadlifting is an incredible way to get an insanely robust and strong grip. It’s one of the best ways to strengthen your grip. 

If you think about it a little, then when you deadlift then your fingers and palms are the only thing that are touching the bar and holding it up. Your forearms and fingers have to work very hard to hold on to the bar and not let it slip out of your hand while you lift the weight. 

There are a few variations of the original version that take this even further. For example, the Reeves deadlift, where you pinch grip the bar from its plates, is an incredible way to work your fingers and grip. There are also different one-handed variations out there that are specifically designed to strengthen your grip. 

8. They Help Increase Bone density 

deadlift benefits

Bone density is something that many of us don’t really think about on a daily basis, but it’s actually an important factor in our lives and day-to-day activities. Strong bones are essential for a healthy and active life.

But how do deadlifts help increase bone density? Well, your bones respond to physical stress, just like your muscles and tendons. And studies show that strength and resistance training are great for increasing bone strength and density, also they are great for tensile strength.

And well deadlifts are huge multi-joint compound exercises that effectively work and train your whole body. It places stress on your entire body. The lift can also increase your testosterone and growth hormone production, which can affect your bone density and help decrease the risk of osteoporosis.

9. They actually help you Prevent injuries 

deadlift benefits

Many people have a misconception that the deadlift is a very dangerous exercise. In reality, it’s one of the safest exercises at all when done correctly and with proper technique, and it will actually help you prevent many injuries.

It helps you prevent injuries by strengthening your muscles around your tendons, ligaments, your spine, and overall your posterior chain. Those muscles are really important for injury prevention.

Also, it’s one of the best lower back exercises. A strong back is crucial for preventing injuries. Because weak lower back muscles can lead to many possible injuries.

10. They are Great For Your Core

deadlift benefits

A strong core is crucial for every lift, athletic movement, and even in our day-to-day activities. It’s also necessary to prevent injuries.

Deadlifting will also give you a strong core. They train and work all your core muscles in a beautiful symphony. Durning the lift your core is largely trained isometrically and statically.

While deadlifting a lot of pressure is placed on your core and stabilizer muscles to keep your upper body straight and your back neutral.

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