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Yoga poses with kid

6 Yoga Poses to Do with Your Child

From a toddler to third grader, now kid of every age group is doing yoga postures that even an adult struggles to do. Isn’t it amazing? So, if you are wondering how to begin yoga with your child then take a pause as you have landed on the right page. We have carefully handpicked some interesting yoga postures that you can begin with your child with minimum effort. Let’s get started!

Yoga can do wonders for a child’s mental and physical growth. Parents and also schools are now realizing the importance of yoga for children and encouraging them to follow this practice. It not only helps increase height fast but also enhances your bond with your children.

Yoga brings tranquillity and a sense of calm in daily hustle and bustle. But there is a big misconception among people that yoga and kid don’t blend nicely. They think that yoga is just for adults and only a certain group of age can become more familiar with its several benefits and perform it. However, even the most rollicking and naughtiest kid can get advantages from yoga principles. The best part of yoga is that your child doesn’t need any prior knowledge or special skill to do it. But you need to start early as it will help them to incorporate healthy habits lifelong. Let us learn some yoga postures that are best for your children’s intellectual and bodily development.

What are the advantages of practicing yoga for children?

Yoga is a great tool to enhance your bond with your children. It helps you connect with your kids in a better way and get healthy together. Let’s have a look at some of the great impacts of yoga on kids’ well-being.

  • Anxiety management: Breathing exercises and relaxation methods from yoga can help kids in managing their stress levels. Learning a skill to manage and reduce stress is one of the vital life skills that help them when they become adults.
  • Control emotion: Yoga helps children regulate their emotions. Simply put, it helps them gain a pacific state of mind and be mindfully present in the moment. They can easily regulate their emotions without getting hyper.
  • Boost esteem: Yoga can benefit children in building their self-esteem. While performing yoga postures they learn to refine their stance each time they do it and improve balance. This flexibility can greatly help children in building personal empowerment.
  • Mindfulness and body awareness: Practicing yoga and learning to gain balance in each posture help children learn about their whole body and make them realize what they are capable of doing.
  • Lift memory and concentration: One of the greatest benefits of yoga for children is that different types of asanas (postures) are supposed to be done with utmost concentration. This augments memorizing skills that can be shown in their academic results.
  • Improve flexibility & strength: Yoga provides strength to the growing body of children and gives it ample flexibility. When your child’s body gains flexibility, it minimizes the chances of likely injuries.
  • Impulsivity reduction: Certainly, kids are the naughtiest beings on earth and at times it can be very challenging to handle them, especially in classrooms. Not anymore, as yoga reduces impulsivity by providing an outlet to express themselves. In order to make their pose perfect, they also become more disciplined and gain a mind with clear thoughts.

Looking at all these benefits you must introduce yoga to your children sooner to ensure their spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological, and holistic growth.

6 best yoga postures to try with kids

One of the best parts of yoga is that it doesn’t require any specific equipment or a huge place to practice it. You can do it at the home, garden, or in school. We know that making children sit in one place for a long is hard but you can be a little creative on this part. You can do it via storytelling, dancing, singing, playing games, or even watching television.

We have picked very simple yet interesting yoga postures for kids so that they won’t get bored while practicing them. We have included postures for beginners to experience so every type of need is catered to in this post. Now let’s take a quick look at the best yoga postures for children that uplifts their overall well-being.

1.   Child’s Pose

yoga poses

This is the best yoga pose for beginners, also known as the resting pose. In this pose, you will bend your knees and sit down on your shin. This will create a V structure with your thighs while your knees facing out and pointing to the corner of the yoga mat. Now stretch both your arms forward in the front against the mat. Gradually put your forehead on the yoga mat. This posture deeply stretches your lower back, shoulder, hips, and arms. This yoga pose is beneficial to do in the morning or before retiring to bed.

2.   Downward Facing Dog

yoga poses

Practicing downward-facing dog posture with your child anywhere can bring numerous health benefits. In this posture, you pretend to be a dog. Show your child how to do it first. Stand on the mat forward facing. Now raise both arms over your head and slowly bend forward to touch the floor. Your body will make a triangle shape in this posture. You need to make sure that both ears are coming between your arms. Make sure your knees are straight. Avoid bending your back. This type of yoga helps in releasing tension and stretching your muscles.

3.   Superhero pose

Your kid will surely love this yoga posture. Show them how to do it. In this yoga, you need to lie down flat on the mat over your stomach. Stretch your arms in front of you like you are flying in the air like a superhero. Now take a deep breath inside and lift your arms, head, legs, and chest from the mat. While exhaling, you need to flatten your body over the mat and rest your cheek on it. Your arms should be back on your side. Repeat this pose, hold it, and perform it while concentrating on inhaling and exhaling. When releasing the posture, rest your cheek on the mat as this loses the muscle of your neck.

4.   Baby Pose

yoga poses

In this yoga, you need to lie down on your back and move your knees up to your chin. Now you will wrap your shins with your arms and give yourself a tight hug. Swing slightly back and forth to give a massage to your lower back. Now release the hug and swing side by side again and again. This yoga is also known as the happy baby pose. While practicing this task, you will feel that stretch in your hamstrings, back, and hips.

5.   Warrior Two Pose

yoga poses

To practice this yoga, you need to stand straight on the mat and put your arms by your side. Now step your one foot forward with pointed toes toward that direction. Put the other foot in a perpendicular position to the first foot. Slowly bend your front knee. Check the knee you have bent is over its ankle. Pull your belly in, this strengthens the muscle of the abdomen. You will now stretch one arm forward and the other at the back. Palms should be facing down that creating a line with your both arms. If you can, do some small alterations to your shoulder and hip by balancing them forward. Now hold the pose and lift up your chin. Repeat if you like this posture.

6.   Tree Pose

yoga poses

To do this yoga, you need to stand on your mat and shake your body. Jump and wiggle every inch of your body. Now you will shift the entire body weight to one foot. After you successfully do it, you need to place one foot inside the other foot’s thigh. Now press both palms together in front of your chest. You will now pull inside your belly to use the abdominal muscle to hold the stance firmly. Inhale deeply and once you exhale move your hands toward the sky. Now do this repeatedly, not less than 3 inhales and exhales.

Take Away

Yoga offers numerous benefits to kids of all age groups. If you haven’t started yet, don’t worry it’s never too late. Let your child begin with basic postures. Your children will slowly realize the pluses of yoga practice. As there are different types of yoga, teach your children some interesting postures to gain their focus. Once they develop their interest start adding meditation and breathing exercises.

Kids are naturally inquisitive, flexible, and quick learners and most importantly love to do activities with their mothers. You should utilize this benefit and add yoga to your child’s daily routine. It helps in improving body strength, flexibility, and balance. Explain all the advantages of yoga to your kids and tell them if they want to reap its benefits, they are required to practice it daily.

Now grab your kiddos, take out your yoga mats and start reaping health benefits from yogic principles. Stay physically and mentally happy as a unit! 

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