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scorpion push up

Scorpion Push-Up Exercise Guide

The scorpion push-up is probably one of the most interesting push-up variations out there. What makes it so interesting is that it’s not only a standard pushing movement that focuses on building upper body strength, but it’s more of a compound exercise that basically involves your whole body. In this push-up variation, in addition to the standard pushing movement, you also perform a backward rotational… Read More »Scorpion Push-Up Exercise Guide

Svend press

Svend press: how to do, benefits and variations

The svend press is a somewhat controversial and lesser-known chest exercise. It’s mostly used as an at-home chest exercise and as an alternative chest exercise without a bench. But what is a svend press? Well, it might look like a pressing exercise, but it’s actually a chest exercise that focuses on applying constant tension and isometrical work to your chest. The exercise is done by… Read More »Svend press: how to do, benefits and variations

resistance band exercises

30 Best Resistance Band Exercises To Train Your Whole Body

Are you tired of using dumbbells and other heavy and bulky gym equipment? Are you looking for a great, effective, and inexpensive way to train your whole body and get in the shape of your dreams at home? Well, resistance bands and resistance band exercises might be the ideal thing for you! In this article, we will take a closer look at what are resistance… Read More »30 Best Resistance Band Exercises To Train Your Whole Body

Reverse grip push ups

Reverse Grip Push-Ups Exercise Guide

The reverse grip push-up is a fun and great variation of the standard push-up. The exercise is done with your fingers facing your feet (your palms outward). It’s considered the “bicep push-up” by many because of the hand position it emphasizes a little more on your biceps than the standard push-up. Muscles worked The reverse grip push-up is an upper body and chest exercise. In… Read More »Reverse Grip Push-Ups Exercise Guide


Dumbbell Good Morning Exercise Guide

The dumbbell good morning is a great posterior chain exercise and also a fantastic hip-hinge exercise. It will train almost all of the muscles on your rear side both actively and isometrically. With the main focus going on your hips, hamstrings, and your back muscles. Muscles worked by the Dumbbell Good Morning The dumbbell Good Morning is a great exercise to target your hips, back,… Read More »Dumbbell Good Morning Exercise Guide

best deadlift for glutes

The Best Deadlift For Glutes! Top 7 Variations For Your Butt

The deadlift is a huge compound lift that trains your whole posterior chain, AKA all of the muscles on your backside. It’s considered by many to be one of the best exercises to train your hips, glutes, and your hamstrings.  But what makes the deadlift such a great exercise to use to strengthen and build your butt muscles? Let’s start with the fact that the… Read More »The Best Deadlift For Glutes! Top 7 Variations For Your Butt

deficit deadlift

Deficit Deadlift: How To Do, Benefits And Variations

The deficit deadlift is a challenging and advanced variation of the deadlift. The lift is performed while standing on an elevated platform that is somewhere between 1 and 3 inches high. Many deadlift variations can be performed from the deficit, such as the Jefferson, landmine, snatch grip, and the sumo deadlift. The deficit deadlift is an amazing posterior chain exercise. It has many benefits such… Read More »Deficit Deadlift: How To Do, Benefits And Variations

split stance Romanian deadlift

Split Stance Romanian Deadlift Exercise Guide

The split stance Romanian deadlift is an effective variation of the classic RDL that is performed with a split stance (one of your legs is in front, the other behind). It’s a great exercise to really target your hamstrings and glutes, to improve your balance, and to engage your core muscles. It’s also an excellent exercise to use for beginners trying to work their way… Read More »Split Stance Romanian Deadlift Exercise Guide