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Guide To Know About Plant-Based Protein Powders

There is a lot of buzz around protein powders, especially among fitness freaks and gym-going people. However, every individual involved in any physical activity needs protein in a specific amount. Protein powders help fulfil the daily protein requirement of our body.

Plant-based protein powders are a vegan alternative for people who don’t want to consume dairy or animal-based protein. For this reason, most people are using plant-based protein powder in Singapore daily. They are derived directly from plants, using a natural process that keeps their nutritional value intact. 

We have mentioned the top benefits of plant based protein and the foods that are rich in them. But, first of all, let’s have a look at what plant-based protein powders are

What are Plant-Based Protein Powders?

Plant-based protein powders are extracted from different plants such as soy, pea, hemp, etc. They can be derived from a single plant or a combination of multiple ones as per the requirement. They are rich in various amino acids that are vital for our body but not produced in our body naturally. For this reason, plant-based protein powder is a go-to choice to compensate for the deficiency of essential proteins and amino acids in your body.

Benefits of Plant-Based Protein Powders

1) Rich in Iron

Plant-based protein powder such as pea protein is rich in iron. So, if you add plant-based protein to your diet, you are not only fulfilling your protein requirement but also enriching your body with iron. Just having just a scoop of plant-based protein can give you both iron and protein, and it is also vegan. 

2) Keeps You Full For Long

Plant-based proteins are rich in fiber content. Sufficient amounts of fiber not only maintain good digestive health but also keep you full for a long time. So, adding plant based protein to your diet can help you avoid being hungry every now and then. For instance, adding a scoop of plant-based protein powder to your shake or smoothie in the morning will keep you satisfied till lunchtime. 

3) Ensure Good Metabolism

Plant-based protein powders help to stabilize the metabolism in your body. As mentioned above, they are rich in fiber and protein. Both of these substances take time to get digested. So, the body’s metabolism has to work more, which strengthens it. As a result, the digestive system becomes more strong than before and your body starts to burn the unnecessarily deposited fat.

4) Provides Healthy Fats

Most people who look forward to achieving optimal levels of fitness cut down on their fats and increase their protein intake. But, not all types of fats are unhealthy for us. Plant-based proteins contain healthy fats which your body needs for optimal functioning. For instance, every dose of coconut protein offers you a variety of healthy fats. It supports cell functioning and energizes your body. 

5) Easily Absorbed 

Foods that are easily absorbed in the body can provide the maximum health benefits. Because your body doesn’t have to make additional efforts to effectively break down the nutrients. Plant-based proteins are one of the most easily absorbed foods. As a result, our body can easily break them down and use them for muscle growth and the repair of damaged tissues. 

Top Foods That Are Rich In Plant-Based Protein

1) Soy Foods

Soy-based foods such as tofu, edamame, tempeh, etc, are good sources of plant-based protein. They can fulfill the amino acid requirements of your body effectively. Besides, it is easy to add them to various recipes due to their plain taste. For instance, you can easily add tofu to most dishes. 

2) Lentils

Lentils are a well-known plant-based source of protein. Both green and red lentils are rich in protein. Besides, they offer you a good dose of potassium and iron. Same as soy foods, they can be easily combined with various recipes like rice, soups, salads, etc. They give you the required protein boost in your meals. 

3) Chia Seeds

Omega-3 fatty acids, found in chia seeds, are responsible for enzyme regulation and the growth of cells in our body. For this reason, chia seeds protein powder in Singapore is widely popular. They are easily available at online stores and supermarkets near you. They are a good addition to your smoothies, cereals, yogurt bowl, and more. 

4) Almonds and Peanuts

Almonds and peanuts are common examples of plant based protein sources. You can use them as a tasty snack and also avail multiple health benefits at the same time. Just having a handful can give you instant energy and help fulfill the protein requirement of your body.


After going through the above information, you should have understood what are plant-based proteins and their health benefits. Besides, we have explained the top foods from which you can get them. However, before buying plant based protein powders, you must ensure that the respective manufacturer is credible and offers quality products. Otherwise, you will have to pay high prices and also compromise on the quality.

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