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13 most effective ab exercises

13 Most Effective AB Exercises

Many of us dream of having six-pack abs. Well defined and good looking abdominal muscles have become somewhat of a symbol for fitness and being in shape. Sadly, it’s not a simple task to achieve. It takes a good combination of clean dieting, the right exercises, and a solid workout routine to see any real results. In this article, we will focus on the training… Read More »13 Most Effective AB Exercises

Lower back exercises

4 Best Lower Back Exercises To Strengthen Your Back

Weak lower back muscles can lead to various injuries and back pain. Back pain can interfere with our day to day lives and make even the simplest of tasks a nightmare. Now, I’m confident that nobody wants that. All of that can be avoided by properly exercising and strengthening your lower back muscles. In this article, we have picked our four favorite and possibly the… Read More »4 Best Lower Back Exercises To Strengthen Your Back

Bench press alternatives

The 14 Best Bench Press Alternatives

The bench press is definitely one of the most popular and well-known exercises ever. It’s the go-to chest exercise for millions and for a good reason. Bench pressing is super effective. It’s the best compound exercise you can do for your pecs and chest muscles. But for one or another reason we can’t always rely on this amazing exercise. There are plenty of reasons to… Read More »The 14 Best Bench Press Alternatives